About Us

The Book Exchange is an independent second-hand bookstore, specialized in English language books with focus on Literature and Social Sciences.
We offer a wide selection of books in good condition at affordable prices.

If you're looking to sell your books, we're happy to take a look and see if we can buy your books. Keep scrolling to get an impression of the books we have on offer.


Our book selection covers 40 categories.

We have everything from high-brow fiction to pulp crime novels. From scholarly anthropology to popular science. You'll also find a poetry collection, titles in philosophy, and a range of history titles. Seeing is believing, so feel free to browse our selection during opening hours.


Our most popular section. All sorts of fiction here: classics (Austen, Dickens), contemporary (Murakami, Atwood), short stories (Munro, Carver), crime (Christie, Chandler), historical, experimental, etc.


We have a wide range of titles here from different eras. Most of it is western history, but we also buy/sell books including other areas.

Travel Literature

Whether it's humour (Bill Bryson) or austere adventure (Wilfred Thesiger), epic cycling trips (Dervla Murphy) or daring exploration (Ernest Shakleton), we keep a wide range.

Sociology & Anthopology

Browse through our collection as a student looking for specific classical texts or as a general reading with an interest in culture(s) in different times and places.

Business & Management

Looking for biographies of magnates, CEO's and tycoons? Or are you more interested in self-help literature or books on business strategy? This is your section.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

One of our largest sections. You'll find ample choice here, whether it's dragons, vampires, aliens, alternate universes, etc.


Titles here range from serious Freudian studies, to more accessible Oliver Sacks books. There's also a separate section for pop psychology featuring self-help books.


Depending on what we've bought in recently, you'll find a selection of classical texts by Hume and Nietzsche, ethics, epistemology, political philosophy, or entry-level theory of knowledge.


Frankly, we've too many categories to list them all, and titles are coming and going quickly. Visiting our store is the best way of seeing our wide range of books!

How do I know if you have the book(s) I'm looking for?

We don't keep a database of our books, so you'll have to come in person. Once you're in the store, we can point you in the right direction.



Sell your Books

You can bring in your books or send us a list of your books, or a clear photo of them so we can make a pre-selection of titles we're interested in. This way you'll avoid coming to the store carrying titles we're overstocked in. No need to send us individual photos of each book. Photos showing their titles and spines is good enough (see examples in the photos bellow).
We'll let you know which ones we're interested in. You can then bring your books to the store at your convenience.
Once we see the books in person, we'll make you an offer for them. (We can't make offers for books without first seeing them in person.)
You can choose to sell us your books or trade them to us for store credit.

Store credit functions the same way gift certificates do. You can earn store credit by trading in your books. You get more value for your books if you trade them in for store credit than you do for cash.
Store credit does not expire.

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Business Hours

  • Daily - 11:30 - 17:30